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Greetings adventurers, and welcome to Sojourn!   Here lies one of the best guilds on the face of Telara.   In it you will find friendship, loyalty, knowledge, and most of all trust. I share duties as Guild Leader with my long time, real life spouse, Valanthas. We value good times and even better friends. We made Sojourn a good many years ago and love her with all of our hearts, officers and members alike. So without further ado, come in, find a seat and commence with the good songs and great stories!


May the Light embrace you!


Sojourner Marenna – Barkeep Vexelle

Sojourner Valanthas – Bouncer Yxunomei







Rift 2.2, Hotfix #11

Sanbraele, May 1, 13 4:34 PM.

RIFT 2.2 Hotfix #11 - 7:00am PDT 5/1/13 [NA] - 2:00AM GMT 02/5/13 [EU]

* Hungry, hungry Helbugs have crash landed in RIFT from the DEFIANCE universe! A new fire rift named "Invasive Species" now has a chance to appear in all zones. Completing the unstable stages of this rift offers a chance at acquiring any of three different types of hellbug mounts and companions, including the extremely rare Toxic Hellbug.

* Fixed an issue where objects without a cooldown sometimes displayed cooldown time left.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when comparing an equipped item with another item that has a very large number of stats.

* Freemarch: Water Saga Quest - Solace Cabal: Fixed a case that breaks scripting when players immediately aggro mobs after starting event.
* Steppes of Infinity: Ice Heart: Fixed an issue that would cause Atos to become stuck in a cast loop

* Fixed an issue with respawns which could sometimes cause players to fall through the geometry.

* Sentinel: Fullness of Life no longer causes Wrathful Exuberance to proc damage

* Assassin: Leaping Plunge: Now roots the enemy target for 2s.
* Rapid Fire Shot: Now costs 16 Energy, down from 24 Energy.
* Decoy: Now no longer on global cooldown.
* Electrified Munitions, Static Shock Munitions: No longer trigger damage and healing effects like Dark Armor, Warlock Armor and Curative Engine; similar to Assassin Poisons and Nightblade Weapon Enchantments.
* Deadeye Shot: Damage has been increased.

*Paragon: Defensive Maneuver: Fixed a bug where Defensive Maneuver is unusable when Way of the Mountain is active.

Rift Patch 2.2 Hot fix 10

Sanbraele, Apr 30, 13 8:36 PM.

RIFT 2.2 Hotfix #10 - 10:00am PST 4/24/13 [NA] - 2:00AM GMT 25/4/13 [EU]

* Players who rejoined a guild created by a different faction than their own will now have the correct faction displayed next to their names in the roster.
* Fixed a bug that could cause some players to crash when loading.

• Optimized respawning within Conquest maps and fixed a problem which would cause players to get stuck when teleporting to Caer Mathos during matches.

• Endless Eclipse: Regulos - Shambling Nightmare can no longer critically hit on normal attacks.
• Endless Eclipse: Kain (Hard Mode) - Fixed an issue that would allow the Deathbound Bloodthieves to break their “dead” animation before they resurrect.
• Archive of Flesh: Collision added in Cahail’s room to prevent players from completely avoiding Frenzied Embrace.
• Exodus of the Storm Queen: Fixed issue that would prevent the “Hot Lead, Cold Steel” event from re-starting on a reset.
• Exodus of the Storm Queen: Fixed an issue that would prevent players from using the exit portal after beginning the “Hot Lead, Cold Steel” quest but not yet begun the fight against Dominax.

• Ashora: The "Aquatic Blessing Statues" near Majeric Tower should function once again.

* Calliope’s Paragon Synergy Crystal: The additional damage from Death Touch has been reduced to 2400 in PvP with the 4 piece set bonus.
* Bond of Shelter: Fixed a bug where Bond of Shelter is removed when the player zones, and removed the tooltip text that indicates it lasts for 1 hr. 
* Bond of Shelter: Will no longer remove quest disguises.
* Interfere: Fixed a bug where the effect tooltip of Interfere was displaying as Kick.

*Prion’s Chloromancer Crystal: 4 piece set bonus now procs off of damage ticks of Void Life and initial damage from Vile Spores and Ruin. Duration of the buff has been increased to 15 seconds.
* Fixed an issue where casting Reflective Presence while another Charge consumer was active, such as Arresting Presence, would cause Reflective Presence to cost 0 Charge.
* Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon and Reaper’s Blade can no longer be purged.
* Improved Fireball: Fixed an issue where Improved Fireball wasn’t correctly affecting Ranks 11 – 14 of Fireball.
• Fireball: Reduced damage slightly.
* Removed the shared cooldown between Fusillade and Extinguish.
* Flame Volley: Can now be channeled while moving.
* Inferno: Can now be cast on enemies below 40% health; up from 30%.
* Spark: Now reduces the mana cost of non-instant Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.
* Spark: Also reduces the cast time of Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.
* Extinguish: Reduced its cooldown to 20 seconds. 
* Extinguish: No longer requires a target to cast and no longer considers Combust stacks to determine number of procs.
* Combust: Had its damage reduced.
* Flame Rupture: Is now removed when the enemy dies.
* Glyphs of Power: Now provides its damage bonus full time, instead of only when standing still.
* Ride the Wind: Had its cooldown removed.
* Ride the Wind: Now costs 30 Charge to cast and lasts 10 seconds, but no longer consumes Charge while active.
* Slightly increased the radius of the AOE effects of Forked Lightning and Lightning Field.
* Prion’s Stormcaller Crystal: 2 piece set bonus no longer has an internal cooldown on the buff proc.
* Contaminate: no longer blocks Sacrifice Life: Damage from being cast.

* Soul Drain: Increased the movement speed of the projectiles.
* Soul Drain: Now requires line of sight to the initial target in order to cast.
* Eruption: Now deals damage based on the Cleric’s Spell Power whenever the Cleric applies an absorb to the buffed ally. 
* Liberty of Thought: Now appears grayed out unless you have an effect it will remove on you.
* Wrathful Exuberance: Now deals damage to the buffed ally’s target equal to 75% of the amount healed.
* Wrathful Exuberance: Now deals damage on both healing and overhealing.
*Qil’s Warden Crystal: 2 piece set bonus now procs off of both Soothing Stream and Healing Flood.
* Reduced the cooldown of Orbs of the Stream and Orbs of the Tide to 30 seconds.
* Healing Effusion: Mana cost has been reduced.
* Under Pressure: Now increases damage done with Call of the Depths and Geyser by 20/40/60%.
* Ripple: Reduced the cooldown to 30 seconds.
* Overflowing Renewal: Reduced the cast time to 2 seconds.
* Dangers of the Deep: The buff from this ability now also increases the duration of heal over time spells by 1 second per stack.
* Bosun’s Blessing: Now also increases damage by 10%.
* Shared Excess: Now instant cast.

Facebook and Twitter

Sanbraele, Feb 18, 13 5:11 PM.
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If you Twitter or want to make a char for your Twitter please do so. Also friend us on FB for the betterment of all. For Sojourn and the Ale!

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